Unable to update the task in Asana under a project: Getting "parent" error.

I am having a tricky time getting Zapier to pull certain data from Asana and send it to AdaptiveWork. I can:

  • Create a project in Asana and send it to AdaptiveWork.
  • Create a task in Asana and send it to AdaptiveWork.
  • But I cannot seem to update a task under a project - I hit a a ‘parent’ error, and no options I choose pulled from Asana seem to work. As such I cannot update anything, but only create new tasks (orphaned) which makes the integration a one-off and not consistently useful.

Help me Obi-Wan Kenobi...

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Hey there,  @RGS! Thanks for reaching out in community - we definitely want to help! 

Hmm, for Asana tasks listed under a project I wonder if adding a “Find Task in Project” search step would help? So it might look like:

  1. Trigger
  2. Find Task in Project” Search - Asana
  3. Update Task” Action - Asana

Do you think that could work? Keep us posted! 🙂

Howdy. This didn’t seem to work. I can’t find a’ Find Task in Project’ option in either the Asana or AdaptiveWork sections. This is what happened when I tried to create a new task in Asana, and then push it to AdaptiveWork (previously known as Clarizen One):

I can confirm that nothing happened in AdaptiveWork. I’ve had success with creating a new orphaned task, but as you can imagine I need new / updated tasks in Asana to be under parent projects.

I should clarify this attempt was by putting the following in Zapier (there are a few variations on the project parent field, but none work):




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Hi there @RGS,

I’m jumping in to see if I can help!

I noticed an error that seems to be connected to the data mapped in the "Parent" field. To troubleshoot, could you please try skipping the action step by clicking on "Skip Test"? Once you've done that, kindly publish the Zap, trigger it, and make sure that the data mapped to the "Parent" field matches the information in your Clarizen One app.

Please keep us posted! 😊

Hello. That gave me an error about not being the correct Asana API.

I’m wondering if I have to do a transfer first from Asana (to bulk import the project/s information) then create new objects in AdaptiveWork. Perhaps then any updates will find the referenced objects?

Basically the end goal is to have selected Asana projects duplicated into AdaptiveWork, with any updates to those Asana projects also updated in AdaptiveWork as time goes on. Is this doable?

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Hi @RGS,

I would like to take a step back on this issue. Could you please help me out by sharing a detailed screenshot of your Zap configuration? It would be great if you could also provide a full screenshot of the "Action" section of your Zap, where you encountered the error.

By the way, I'm not too familiar with the Clarizen One/AdaptiveWork app. Could you kindly explain how objects work in Clarizen One? Specifically, I'd like to know if tasks or projects are considered objects in the app.

Thanks! 😊