Unable to set date fields in Salesforce

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I have a custom date (not datetime) field I’ve created on our accounts in Salesforce and I’m trying to set up a Zap that copies a date (originates in UNIX) to this custom field in Salesforce. Zapier indicates the format is YYYY-MM-DD, but when I use formatter to convert to this format, the date doesn’t pass to Salesforce. 

I’ve tested putting in “today,” tried several variations in format, but nothing seems to stick. It always returns null when testing. 

I created a test property for datetime to see if that would work, but that doesn’t save either. 

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Hey @Tyler Guthrie ,


Can you create a test Zap and add an action to get this record from Salesforce? Now check date value is coming in which format. Is it coming as yyyy-mm-dd OR unix timestamp or what?



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What are you seeing in the Zap history for that field?