Unable to send Outlook message - Failed to create a draft email in Microsoft Outlook Unable to create an email: The mailbox is either inactive, soft-deleted, or is hosted on-premise.

  • 12 February 2024
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I am trying to connect a work email to the Outlook account. The zap works with the laptop Microsoft account which is a gmail account; however, we want the emails to come from the work domain. The email is hosted on Network Solutions and is an active email. We use Microsoft Outlook as our email platform and the email works fine. When I test the connection in Zapier apps it passes. But when I test the zap, it returns the following message: 

Failed to create a draft email in Microsoft Outlook

Unable to create a draft email: The mailbox is either inactive, soft-deleted, or is hosted on-premise.

One article said to create an alias but you cannot use a work email as a gmail alias. 


7 replies

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Hi @Wendy222 

Help articles for using Outlook in Zap apps:

Hello Troy,

Thank you for the response. Unfortunately those articles did not solve the problem. We ended up using gmail instead, which is not ideal. 

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We are getting the same message, our zap has been set up for several years so i think something must have changed at Zapier or Microsoft. Has anyone had any further thoughts on this?

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Hi @countervail,

I did some digging into this, and it seems like the full error of this issue is the MailboxNotEnabledForRESTAPI. Please ensure you have the right mailbox permissions: Microsoft accounts often have very strict permissions, access may need to be granted by an administrator to connect to third parties like Zapier. Submit a request to your Exchange or Global administrator to check on this. For reference:

You should ensure you have all the right permissions with your O365 account. You can share the explicit error code with your Exchange admin to speed this up: MailboxNotEnabledForRESTAPI

Additionally, this is not something that can be changed within Zapier. Other users have posted about this same message on the Microsoft forums:

Hopefully, this helps!

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Hi @Wendy222 and @countervail 👋

Were you able to fix the issue by following Ken’s suggestion to ensure the connected mailbox has the correct permissions to grant Zapier the necessary access?

Keen to ensure you’re both all set so please let us know if you’re still in need of any further help at all!

Hello @SamB,

No, it did not work and we ended up turning off the zaps. We are using Outlook but not Exchange so that may be the problem. 

Thank you for the follow up. 


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Thanks for the update @Wendy222. I’m sorry to hear that adjusting the permissions didn’t work either.

I did some checking and the Microsoft Outlook integration currently only works with Outlook accounts that are directly hosted on Exchange Online (cloud-hosted not self-hosted/on premises). So that could well have been why it was erroring in your case! 

I’d recommend reaching out to our Support team to put in a feature request to have non cloud-hosted accounts supported too. You can do that using the form here:

In the meantime, do let us know if there’s anything else we can assist with! 🙂