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Unable to send email notifications to Salesforce owner for new Lead assignment.

  • 17 May 2022
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I have a zap set up to create a new Lead in Salesforce.  The Assignment Rule is triggered correctly, assigning to the correct owner, however, no email notification is being sent to the owner notifying them of the new lead.

I have read through similar discussions on Salesforce threads, but have been unable to make the necessary updates to the zap to accomplish this step:

Does anyone have insight on how to add EmailHeader.triggerUserEmail == true to a zap?



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Hi @Wyatt Ehrlich and thanks for your question!

Right now, when an assignment rule is triggered by a lead created in Zapier, it doesn’t trigger the relevant email/s to be sent. We do have a feature request for this and I've added your email address as another vote for this addition. I don't have an ETA of when or if this will happen, but we will definitely email you if it does become a reality. 


In the meantime, I wonder if this could be accomplished by adding a step in the Zap? Am I correct in thinking that what you’d like to happen is that when the lead is assigned to someone, that person gets an email? If so, that’s something that you could do using Zapier. Let me know what you think!

@Danvers, thank you for the quick response!

Your summary is spot on!  Until the feature is implemented, I will explore adding a step for the lead assignment email notification.  Are you able to point me in the direction of documentation on how to accomplish this?

Best to you!

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There’s not specific documentation for how to do it, but if it were me I would add a step on the end of the Zap that sends the email. For example, if you use Gmail you could use the Gmail Send Email action. The part that would require some thought is the logic that tells the step who to send the email to based on who the lead is assigned to. 


For that, you have a few options, here’s the first two I would try:

  1. You could use Formatter by Zapier to create a Lookup table. If you don’t have too many people to whom you’ll want to assign the leads/send emails to then this is probably your best bet. A Lookup Table says ‘if you see this input, use that output.’ eg if the lead is assigned to Danvers, use Danvers’ email address, if it’s assigned to Wyatt, use Wyatt’s email address. 
  2. If you have quite a few people to whom you want to send an email, or if there’s more than one condition (eg if it’s assigned to x person and is y type of lead) then Paths might be a better option for you. Paths allow you to create Zaps with branching logic. 

I hope that gets you pointed in the right direction!

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Hey folks! 👋

Just I wanted to pop in here with a quick update to let you know that the team have decided not to pursue the feature request at this time. Sorry for the less than ideal news here but if anything does change on the status of this feature request, we’ll definitely be sure to share a further update here! 🙂

Please do reach out in Community if you have any questions in the meantime.