Unable to map Wheelbase message to ActiveCampaign email form field

  • 29 November 2023
  • 3 replies

I am trying to connect Wheelbase to Active Campaign, so that when we receive a new message it will populate our CRM. However, there is no email form field to select and the Zap won't work without an email address. Can someone please help me solve this issue? 

3 replies

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Hi @PacWesty 

Good question.

To give us full context, please post detailed screenshots with how your Zap steps are configured.

Sure thing. Basically, I cannot create a new contact in Active Campaign from a Wheelbase message because the email form field will not populate and Active Campaign needs an email address to create a contact. Maybe there’s some privacy laws at play here? Perhaps Wheelbase can’t transfer email information unless customers have a quote or reservation already? I’d love some clarity on this. Screenshot attached for reference. 

Troy, is there a way to contact you directly? I have other Zap troubleshooting issues I’d like help with. 

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Perhaps you should be using a different Wheelbase Zap trigger or a Find step to find the Customer in order to get their email?