Unable to map the tax_code and line_items_tax_code properties in Shopify to the appropriate tax codes in QuickBooks.

Hi everyone,

I'm building a Zap to automate invoice creation in QuickBooks Online based on new Shopify orders. I'm facing a challenge with mapping Shopify tax codes to their corresponding equivalents in QuickBooks.

Specifically, I need to map the tax_code and line_items_tax_code properties in Shopify to the appropriate tax codes in QuickBooks.

I've already tried using the Utilities in Formatter (Lookup Table) tool, but it doesn't seem to handle scenarios with multiple line items effectively. I also experimented with the Looping tool as a substitute, but haven't found a successful solution yet.

Would anyone be able to offer some insights or best practices for handling tax code mapping in this situation with multiple line items? Any advice or alternative approaches would be greatly appreciated!

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To tackle the tax code mapping challenge between Shopify and QuickBooks, we'll design a custom function within a Zapier Code step. This function will iterate through the line items from Shopify, map the tax_code and line_items_tax_code to their corresponding QuickBooks equivalents, and then compile them into a structured format that QuickBooks can understand. By leveraging custom code, we can efficiently handle multiple line items and ensure accurate tax code assignments.

We will also integrate an external lookup table stored in a Google Sheet or a similar database, which will serve as our reference for mapping. The process will involve:

  • Pulling the Shopify order data into the Code step.
  • Using the lookup table to find the matching QuickBooks tax codes.
  • Formatting the data correctly for QuickBooks API to accept.
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Hi @Ha_OH,

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The “Tax” field in QuickBooks Online looks for the Tax ID. You’re on the right track of using the lookup table here. However, does the EE VAT exists in QuickBooks Online?

I'll be keeping an eye out for your response!