Unable to find output message in Flowise AI using the "Send Prediction" action

  • 28 July 2023
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I have successfully connect Zapier Discord App with FlowiseAI. I see a message was sent from Zapier to Flowise and return a empty message. However I don’t know how to connect the input message from Zapier in Flowise, I am expecting a node or anything as the message from Zapier in Flowise that I can connect with other nodes to create a flow.

Now in Flowise I only use a template from marketplace with is not related with Zapier. That means Zapier tells me it has sent something to Flowise and return an empty message but I cannot find what message is sent in Flowise and make use of this message.

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5 replies

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Hi there @anguslou,

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I did some digging into this, and I found a help article from Flowise AI on how to integrate Flowsie AI and Discord with Zapier. Here’s the link:

Have you had a chance to check out this guide yet? If you've already tried it and are still experiencing some hiccups, could you share a screenshot of your Zap configuration? It would be especially helpful to see the "Action" section of your action steps, where all the fields are displayed. Here's an example of what I mean:

(view larger)

Please don't include personal information in the screenshot, or be sure blur out any personal information.

Thanks! 😊

Hi Ken,


Yes, I read it as well. Same problem as triggering by gmail, it doesn’t mention where I can find the “input message” from Zapier so to connect in Flowise’s flow. Attached are the Action and Test. 



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Hi @anguslou,

Thanks for the screenshots.

Could you please create a new message in Discord that says "What is Zapier?" Then, head over to the trigger step in your Zap and load in this new sample data. You can do this in the "Test" section by clicking on the "Find new records" button.

Once you've got that new sample data loaded, could you give the Flowise AI action step another try by retesting the action step?

Let's see how it goes with this new data. 😊

I do everything as said. When I retest Flowise AI action step, I can see the message “What is Zapier?” pop up for a second then refresh as },{"



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Hi there @anguslou,

Thanks for the update.

If you're experiencing issues with Flowise AI, it might be due to the app still being in beta. Sometimes, new apps have a few bugs that the developers are actively working on resolving. However, the good news is that the development team is likely to be responsive and quick in fixing any problems and considering feature requests.

For a more effective solution, I recommend reaching out to Flowise AI's Support Team directly. They handle the integration, and hearing directly from users like you can help them address the issue more effectively.

Hopefully, this helps.