Unable to find Facebook Lead Ads page in my Zap.

  • 4 December 2023
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I have made a handful of Facebook Ads Leads zaps with no issue. This time, I can not find the page I am looking for. It is set up in the same way as the others on the FB side of things. Is there anything were potentially doing wrong in Zapier or any other suggestions you have? Thanks!


3 replies

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Hi @speculo 

Good question.

Help articles for using FB Lead Ads in Zaps:

We are having the same issue. Zapier have yet to respond to us regarding this.

Essential the issue is that with the new Facebook lead trigger, you are only able to load the first few pages, after this the ‘’load more’’ is greyed out, which prohibits you from seeing more. We work across 100+ pages so this is hugely impacting our operation as we are not able to set up any zaps for our clients. No response from zapier for days and we are looking at alternative platforms as our business needs this functionality.

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Hi @Daniel Harris 

Might be best to post your own topic with screenshots so it gets proper attention, thanks.