Unable to find an Instagram Business Account when setting up my Zap to publish the photos.

  • 12 February 2024
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Meta sure doesn’t make it easy to post photos to IG. I have spent the greater part of the day trying to set up an integration between Zapier and IG. I have gone through the following steps:

  • Created a FB Page
  • Created an Instagram Account
    • Changed the account to a business account
  • Connected to IG for Business via Zapier using my FB login credentials
    • When going through the steps I granted access to the Professional (Business) Account
    • Provided access to the Page
    • This was confirmed in the “Business Integration” settings within my personal FB settings
  • Within the Meta Business Suite
    • Provided IG account access to the FB Page
    • Provided the FB Page access to IG
    • Ensured I have full control of both FB Page & IG Account

I still cannot find the IG Account when setting up my zap - what am I missing?! Any support is appreciated!



13 replies

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Hi there @soltep,

Welcome to the Community! 🎉

You'll want to make sure the “Access profile and posts from the Instagram account connected to your Page”  and “Upload media and create posts for the Instagram account connected to your Page” options are toggled on.
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Kindly give it a try and let me know how it goes? I'll keep an eye out for your response!

Thanks… already had that activated:



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Thanks for confirming @soltep!

Could you please try reconnecting your Instagram for Business account once more? You can reconnect your Instagram account here:

Please keep me posted!

I reconnected it - nothing is different. Did you change anything? Can we set up a time to connect or do you have any other recommendations?

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Thanks for giving that a try @soltep!

Unfortunately, our support channels are limited to Email, Chat, and our Community platform. For further assistance, I suggest contacting our Support Team about this matter. They have the necessary tools to examine the Zap and its logs in detail to identify the root of the problem.

I appreciate your patience and understanding.

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I'm having the same issue even though I completed all the above steps. Any solution to this problem?

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Hi @iflying,

It looks like @soltep was able to resolve the issue with the suggestion of our Support Team by using the ID of the Professional Instagram account and inputting that ID to the “Instagram Account to Use” field as a custom value.



I tried my ID of the Professional Account from a custom field, but still can not connect.  How does the ID have to be formatted?

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Hi there @lookingup,

You should be able to find the ID of the Instagram account in this window here:

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The ID should contain numbers below the Instagram account name.

Am having the same issue and have tried all of the steps outlined above, including finding the professional account id in the image above and using that as a custom entry. Any other solutions for this?

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Hi @pswinch,

Could you please share a detailed screenshot of how your Zap is configured? Also, please share a screenshot of the updated “Action” section of your Instagram step that shows all of its fields. Like so:

(view larger)

Please don't include personal information in the screenshot, or be sure blur out any personal information.


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Okay, just adding the Instagram-ID worked! Just focus the input for selecting the Account. Select Custom and paste in your ID. At the bottom select “Use {your_id}”. You can find your ID when selecting your Instagram-Account while Connecting to your facebook-Account.



 I had same issue even though I completed all the above steps. so I also selected Custom and input the instagram ID. !!  Issue Resolved, But Why did It occur?