Unable to create entry in module: Leads. Error : Invalid data for the field Phone. Detail : expected_data_type phone, maximum_length 30

  • 14 June 2022
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Hi there, 

I’m trying to create a zap between Facebook Leads & Zoho CRM but I got a error message. I’ve sent the screenshot below.

Does anybody can help me?

3 replies

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I’ve sent my create mode screenshots below.


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Hiya! Happy to help here!


The issue that you’re running into is that you’re testing with sample data from Facebook Lead Ads. If you take look at the second screenshot you sent, the Phone Number field from Facebook Lead Ads (shown in purple) has fake sample values (shown in red). So, when you test your Zoho CRM step, the Zap is sending that sample value, not a phone number. Zoho CRM has a validation step for that field to make sure it’s receiving a properly formatted phone number. When it doesn’t get one, it errors.



What you can do here is test your trigger by pulling in a real Lead Ads submission or skip testing on the Zoho CRM test in the Zap Editor, then turn the Zap on and test it live with a real phone number. Either way, as long as a real phone number is submitted, you shouldn’t see that error anymore.

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I will do, thanks a lot!