Unable to add @username to my tweets on my Zap in Twitter.

  • 14 August 2023
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I've built a zap that when someone follows my twitter account @hiring, it sends a prompt to open ai to write a haiku taking into account their handle and about information.  

then it will auto tweet the haiku to the person who followed. I have it working but I want the tweet to the person to start with @(username) the issue is when it tweets, it is leaving out the @ symbol.  I have no idea what to do.  here is the instructions I've given for he final step 


@Follower Screen Name: swagbotAI a haiku written just for you: 2. Response: Hiring swagbotA…ines so bright. #hiringhaiku Thanks for the follow!


I want it to look like this when it is tweeted:


@test123 - a haiku written just for you:


Hiring the best minds,

SwagbotAI is their guide,

Expertise is key. #hiringhaiku


Thanks for the follow!

3 replies

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Hi @jason99 

Good question.



@mentions don't work in Tweets

A Zap that auto-responds to search mentions is a violation of Twitter's policies for automation.

Twitter’s policy doesn’t allow replies or mentions in response to search mentions. If your Zap has a Search Mention trigger and an action that sends a Tweet to that user’s @username, the Tweet will be posted. but the @ will be removed.

Twitter’s policies for automation don't allow @replies in response to search mentions.  

is there a way around this?


thank you for your reply.

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Not that I’m aware of.