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Twitch to Reddit Zap: Not recognizing followed streamer's name.

  • 17 August 2023
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twitch -> reddit. Zapier is not showing me name of a streamer i have followed for over a year. I search for ‘Moa’ and nothing is found. I have let it sit there several minutes. Should see MoatSimulator


unable to add custom name. no entry box or place to type. I have tried just typing, doesn’t work


not much else needed, something is broken and I need help fixing it.


Terrible that Zapier provides zero support. How do you expect us to pay for a paid plan, if your zaps don’t work?


Best answer by Troy Tessalone 17 August 2023, 17:08

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Hi @iLL 

Good question.

You can enter a ‘Custom’ static value where it says “Enter text or insert data...”.

Give that a try.


So the box that says to enter text, I should enter test there… well I feel foolish. I was looking in the wrong spot.

You are kind in saying it was a ‘good question’


Thanks for the help