Trying to find the right search parameters to filter my Timeular and Notion Zap

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I have a zap that creates a new database item in Notion when I start a new timer in Timeular showing the start time of the timer.
I have another zap that: - When I stop that same time entry in Timeular, it will update the previous time entry with the stop time and duration
The issue I am having is that I am having trouble using the search step to simply filter by the most recent time entry that was started/created, then updating that specific entry.
I only have the search set to a time entry ID, but i am seeing it is not a dynamic property so it updates a previous time entry and not the most recent on like I point out in the screenshot provided

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Hi @Hurst 

For us to have more context, post screenshots with how your Zap steps are outlined and configured in EDIT mode.

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So i already have a timer running and a database item was created in Notion with the start time

With that 3. Find Database Item in Notion, I am trying to find that database item that was running and have it updated with the stop time and duratiom.

I want to have the start and stop time of the timer contained to one database item, but it i can’t do that I guess I can settle to have a new database item be created that logs the stop time



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Let me know if you need more screenshots

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The configuration for step 3 looks to be incomplete, as it appears there is no search value.

Try searching for the Time Entry ID.