Trying Automate ZohoMail to send an email when a tag is used

  • 8 March 2023
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I’ve been trying to automate sending out review emails if an email is tagged with “closed ticket”, but this pops up every time

Error while retrieving: The app returned `{"message":"groupResult\\x20Extra\\x20paramters\\x20given"} What happened: Executing triggers.newTaggedMail.operation.perform with bundle {"message":"groupResult\\x20Extra\\x20paramters\\x20given"} Console logs: ` as error, which we cannot read.


I have also tried disconnecting Zapier from ZohoMail and successfully tested the connection.

4 replies

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Hi @Alex Park 

Good question.

Please provide a full screenshot that includes the error message on the Zap step, thanks.

It fails during the testing phase.


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@Alex Park

In Zoho Mail, make sure there is an existing mail record that matches the trigger conditions.


Or you can try this workaround using Zoho Mail webhooks:

Zap trigger would be: Webhooks - Catch Hook


Otherwise, you can try opening a ticket with Zapier Support for additional help:

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Hi @Alex Park,

Quick follow-up on this. Have you had the time trying out Troy’s suggestion? If so, please let us know if it works. Thank you!