Troubleshooting Coda Webhook Upsert Row Action for Updating Rows Instead of Creating New Ones

I have a coda Doc connect with Zappier throught webhook.

Now, i can setup create row at Coda went an event catch hook on webhook. But I want to set up another action. It mean when i update information in event webhook (eg: Date), i want update automatic row not create row. How can i do that. I am using upsert row but it have some problem which i don’t know. 


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Hi @maihoang, welcome to the Community!

It sounds like you’re using Coda’s Upsert Row action but it’s not working as expected. Am I understanding that correctly?

If so, is it not updating the correct row or are you running into any specific errors here?

If it’s creating a new row rather than updating an existing row perhaps it’s not finding a match for the values that have been selected in the Matching Columns field? Do you think that could be the case here?

Any screenshots of errors or further details on the issue that you could share with us here would be much appreciated. Don’t forget to remove/hide any private information like email addresses, names etc. from any screenshots first though.

Thanks for your assistance here, looking forward to hearing from you! 🙂

Hi Sam, 

Thank you so much for your support. 

I think my problem is Coda creating a new row rather than updating an existing row. Here is my zapier set up for this. Hope to receive your support


  1. Step 1: I set up this zap (Zap 1) - It ok


  1. Step 2: Create a New Zap 2 which i want to update (Ngày tổ chức sự kiện) - meaning Date when the event start

(**) My purpose: 

When date and time of event is changed, Coda will update this date and time but not create a new row



Detail of zap 2





And here is my result: When i update “Date Field” (Ngày tổ chức dự kiến), Coda create new row  rather than updating an existing row


Thanks for your assistance here, looking forward to hearing from you Sam!

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Thanks for sending over those helpful screenshots here @maihoang!

Hmm, the Upsert Row action will create a new row if it can’t find an existing row to update. Looking at the screenshots though it seems that step 5 of the second Zap is actually an Update Row action not a Upsert Row action. So I’m a little confused as to why it’s creating a new row. 

That said, the issue with that Update Row action may be with what’s selected for the Row field. Usually I’d expect to see a field that contains the ID of the row the Zap needs to update, but it just says “Test update Coda” in the screenshot. The ID is the unique identifier that Coda would use to determine exactly which row it should update. What’s odd is that is that instead of erroring when it doesn’t get an ID, it’s creating a new row instead.

To fix that Update Row action, try updating the Row field on it to use the id field instead. To do that, click on the Custom value option then select the id field from the Find Row action as shown:

Can you give that a go and let us know whether that gets the correct row updated in Coda?