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Trouble with updating contact's category from HubSpot to Microsoft Outlook.

Trigger: Update contact in Hubspot (custom field/property “Category”)

Desired Action: Update the contact’s category in Outlook (defualt field in Outlook)


The Zap seems to work for eny contact updates EXCEPT the desired category update.


Any ideas for me?


Best answer by SamB 28 June 2023, 11:48

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Hi @leo.buck 

Good question.

To help give us enough context, please post detailed screenshots with how your Zap steps are configured, thanks.

Hi Troy, thanks for your message.

Let’s circle back one step. I learned, that I can also integrate SharePoint as action (yes, I am new here).


  • Trigger: Hubspot contact property “Category” gets updated
  • Action: Property “Categories” for specific contact in SharePoint contact list gets updated accordingly

Challenge: How do I setup the SharePoint action? It asks for an item-id. However, this would need to be a dynamic lookup. E.g. Zapier should search in the SharePoint contact list, which contact has been updated in Hubspot (e.g. by mail address as identifier).


Is that even possible with Zapier?


Thanks for your help!!

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Hi @leo.buck, welcome to the Community! 👋

For the item ID you’d ideally use a “Find Item” type of action to obtain the relevant ID number for the item you wish to update. It doesn’t look like the SharePoint app has such an action though and I’m not seeing any feature requests for that. So I’d recommend contacting the Support team to ask for a feature request to be opened up for that. 

That said, since you’re wanting to update a contact I’d have thought you could use a Find a Contact (Microsoft Outlook) action to find the relevant Item ID. Usually IDs are different between apps, but since SharePoint and Outlook are both Microsoft apps, and presumably accessing the exact same item/contact I’m guessing it might have a single ID that’s used across both SharePoint and Outlook. 

Could you give that Find a Contact action try and let us know if it gives the correct ID for the Update Item (SharePoint) action?

Hi, unfortunately, its not the same ID.

Let’s close the topic then. It seems that I can’t solve my problem with Zapier. Thanks anyways!!

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Hey there @leo.buck - we’re sorry to see we couldn’t solve what you were looking for with this particular setup, but please do let us know if there is anything we can help out with in the future. 

Best- Rachael