trouble with decimal number Excel

  • 25 August 2022
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I tried to make a zap between an excel sheet and Airtable. the problem is that even if I choose “.” or “,”, or change regional parameters, the output of the trigger is always with a “,”

the final result is wrong

example: 0.07 in excel sheet, test trigger give 0,07 and final result is 7 in airtable.

thanks for your help


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3 replies

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Hi @lafauriea!

It sounds like you’ve done some great detective work to narrow down the cause of this issue! 

If the information is coming from Excel in the wrong format then that’s where we need to address the issue. You said that you changed the regional parameters, which is what I would recommend, it sounds like that hasn’t stuck for some reason. Could you try both changing the overall sheet settings and also highlighting each column with numbers in and formatting them all individually? I know it sounds like overkill but apps like Excel and Google Sheets can be very stubborn when it comes to formatting. 


If that doesn’t work, you could try creating a whole new sheet, setting all the formatting the way you want to and then pasting the values in from your original sheet. 


I hope that helps, I know how frustrating it is when you’re trying to get spreadsheet apps to do what you need for formatting!

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Hi @lafauriea , 


In addition to what @Danvers said (which you should definitely try) you can also add a Formatter by Zapier step and try modifying the number 

This is a great resource to check out for this part.


IF this works, then it seems to be a problem with the Excel data. 


Let us know if this works :) 

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hey there @lafauriea - just checking in to see how you’re getting along with these two suggestions from Danvers and Moh? Let me know if you still are running into any issues and we’re happy to get you sorted!