Trouble setting up an approval button in a Zoho Form via Zapier

  • 21 February 2024
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I have a Zoho Form need to be approve. However, in Zoho Form no feature for conditional approve yet. So I want use Zapier table for this.


But why my approve button still remain like this even I have set up a button


Thank you

3 replies

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Hi there @nurul 

Have you tried using the “Update ticket” trigger in Zoho Desk instead and add a filteration step that checks out if the approval happened in the last step, and then proceed from there?


I believe your workflow will be much simpler in that case and prone to fewer logical errors. 


Involving Zoho tables doesn’t guarantee you optimum results in such cases of approval in my humble opinion. Prone to errors. 

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Hi there, @nurul! 👋

Not sure if you’ve already opted to try @zaki_readylogic’s suggestion instead, but wanted to offer some assistance here in case you still need help on this. 

It looks like a Zap hasn’t been triggered for those records yet. With “Continue Zap” types of buttons, they only become available to use on a record once the connected Zap has triggered for it.

See this example where I ran my connected Zap for a new record that was added to my table and the “Set up button” was replaced with Approve and Reject buttons:


You can learn more about using Continue Zap buttons here: Continue Zap

Hope that helps. If you give that a try and are still getting stuck let us know - happy to help further! 🙂

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@nurul ,


I’ve achieved the same using Zoho Modules.

  1. Collected the data using Zoho Forms
  2. Used Zoho Flow to create the record in Zoho Tables
  3. Used the Update Record - Send Mail - Automation in Zoho Tables to send mail to Zoho Desk for ticket creation.