Trouble integrating Act! premium cloud and Zapier

  • 12 January 2024
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Trouble Connecting Zapier to Act!

tried a few things from other posts.

  • I have opened up pop ups for the individual site and also temporarily allowed all pop ups to assure that wasn’t the issue.
  • Data base is open.

stuck and not sure what to do next. please help :) 


We hit an error adding your new account

authentication failed: request to failed, reason: getaddrinfo ENOTFOUND “



7 replies

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Hi @MitchellW 

Have you reviewed this help article from Act!?

Thank you @Troy Tessalone for your quick response. 

I have followed the directions exactly, and they are very simple instructions.

And i am only running one data base on Act!. I am also the only sole user with admin permissions on Act!

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Have you tried reaching out to Act! Support for possible help with their Zap app integration?

have sent a message but havent heard back yet so i went to the zapier community hoping for the best.  @Troy Tessalone 

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Hi there @MitchellW,

I’m jumping in to see if I can help!

I did some digging into our notes, and it seems like sometimes an Act Premium account may have their database "locked." It's unclear what in the app exactly causes this, but it can be resolved by the following:

Go to Tools->Database Maintenance->Lock/Unlock Database when they encounter this issue. Even if unlocked, an administrator may need to lock then unlock to reset appropriately.

Hopefully, this helps!

hey @ken.a  thank you for the help. 
tried locking and unlocking and still no luck . same error is presenting itself. 

I have confirmed with act! support that database is unlocked and nothing is out of the norm from other ACT! accounts which are connected to zapier.
I have submitted a ticket with Zapier support to see what is going on. hopefully we can get this figured out before the trial ends. 
zapier looks like it would be amazing for my business, but if i can’t connect it to my CRM, it is no good.