Trello Zap Creating Duplicate Cards for Shopify Orders Issue

  • 25 September 2023
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ich benutze Shopify und Trello für unseren Onlineshop und unsere Fertigung. 

Ich habe einen Zap erstellt, mit dem ich neue bezahlte Bestellungen von Shopify zu Trello hinzufüge in eine Liste “neue Bestellungen”. 


Es wird also automatisch bei jeder neuen bezahlten Bestellung eine karte in der Liste “neue Bestellungen”  mit der Bestellnummer als Kartennamen. 


Leider werden bei Trello aber immer 2 Karten pro Bestellung angelegt, einmal eine mit allen Infos in der Beschreibung und einmal eine mit einer Checkliste. Eine von beiden muss ich also immer händisch archivieren und löschen. Das ist sehr aufwendig und auch nicht Sinn der Sache. 

Moderator translation to English:
Hello,I use Shopify and Trello for our online shop and manufacturing.I created a Zap that I use to add new paid orders from Shopify to Trello into a “new orders” list.So with every new paid order, a card is automatically added to the “new orders” list with the order number as the card name.Unfortunately, Trello always creates two cards per order, one with all the information in the description and one with a checklist. So I always have to archive and delete one of the two manually. This is very time-consuming and doesn't make sense.


8 replies

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Hi there @Ennsen,

Welcome to the Community! 🎉

Before we dig deeper into this, would you mind sharing a detailed screenshot of how your Zap is configured? Also, a screenshot of the Trello “Action” section that shows all the fields. Here’s an example screenshot:

(view larger)

Please don't include personal information in the screenshot, or be sure blur out any personal information.

Thanks! 😊

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anbei die beiden Screenshots



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Thanks for sharing those helpful screenshots of the Zap’s setup @Ennsen! 🙂

The Zap setup looks good and doesn’t seem like it would be causing the cards to be duplicated.

Can you confirm whether Shopify is triggering Zap twice for each order, causing two Trello cards to be created? Or is the Zap triggering once for the order but Trello is creating two cards for it? Just trying to figure out whether the duplication is originating from the Shopify or Trello app.

Looking forward to hearing from you on this!



ich kann das leider nicht beurteilen. 


Es wird einmal eine Karte bei Trello erstellt so wie ich diese angelegt habe und einmal eine ohne diese Daten aber mit einer Checkliste… 


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Unfortunately I can't judge that.


A card is created in Trello just like I created it and one without this data but with a checklist...

Ich würde auch gerne wenn das Thema erledigt ist, Bestellungen (Karten), die versendet wurden also ein Tracking haben, dass die dann automatisch in die Liste “versendet” geschoben werden. Es sollte egal sein wo sich diese Karten aktuell befindet. 


ich habe das schon ausprobiert, jedoch wurden plötzlich auch karten verschoben, die keine Versandinfo hatten. 


Wir wollen Trello gerne automatisieren und einen übersichtlichen und einfachen Ablauf erstellen. 

Es gibt bei uns die Listen: 

  1. Bestellung Neu
  2. Zeichnung erstellen
  3. Zuschnitt
  4. Schweißerei
  5. Pulverbeschichtung
  6. Versand
  7. versendet


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Once the issue is resolved, I would also like orders (cards) that have been sent to have tracking so that they are then automatically moved to the “sent” list. It shouldn't matter where these maps are currently located.

I've already tried that, but cards that had no shipping information were suddenly moved.

We would like to automate Trello and create a clear and simple process.

We have the lists:

  1. Order new
  2. to create a drawing
  3. Cutting
  4. Welding shop
  5. Powder coating
  6. Shipment
  7. sent
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Thanks for getting back to us here, @Ennsen. It’s a bit tricky to troubleshoot without knowing which app is causing the issue here.

To help determine this can you please search the recent runs of the Zap in the Zap History? You’ll need to look for a unique value (perhaps the name of the card?) that relates to a Trello card that was added twice. You can learn more about searching and viewing your Zap History here: View and manage your Zap history

If you find two Zap runs for the same Trello card then that would indicate that the issue is on the Shopify app’s side and the Zap is triggering twice for new orders. And if you find one Zap run for the two Trello cards then it’s more likely to be an issue on Trello app’s side.

Please can you review the Zap History and confirm which app is causing the issue here, and we’ll go from there! 🙂



es sieht so aus als würde das von der Einstellung die von shopify kommt ausgehen. Also ich kann 3 verschiedene Varianten auswählen um die Bestellungen trello anzulegen bzw bei shopify abzurufen. 


Anbei ein Foto: Aktuell war es immer auf Bestellung A 


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It looks like this comes from the setting that comes from Shopify. So I can choose 3 different variants to create the orders on Trello or retrieve them from Shopify.


Attached is a photo: Currently it was always on order A

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Thanks for getting back to me here @Ennsen.

It looks like that screenshot is the same as one that was sent previously, rather than a screenshot showing the run details for a recent run of the Zap in the Zap History. So I’m not able to identify what’s causing these duplicate Trello cards to be created.

From the screenshot, it looks as though the trigger is set to only run for new orders that are paid. And it doesn’t look as though that New Paid Order trigger has any options to select a specific variant for the types of orders that would trigger the Zap and allow it to create the Trello card.

I think it may be best to reach out to our Support team to investigate this further. They’ll be able to take a look at the recent runs of the Zap in the Zap History and it’s system logs to determine what’s the cause of the issue and continue troubleshooting with you. You can contact them here:

Keen to ensure you’re able to get the issue of these duplicated Trello cards resolved so please do keep us updated on how you get on with them! 🙂