Trello to Google Drive Zap isn't attaching folder links to the card.

  • 28 September 2023
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Hello, i am trying to set up a Zap between Trello and Google Drive. I think I am either missing a step, have improper card name in step 4 or have the wrong URL attachment selected on step 5.  The Zap should create a folder in google drive using the Trello ID short (currently working), then find that folder in Google Drive, and attached a link to the folder on that particular card. Maybe this should be split into separate Zaps? The google drive folders are working fine, but the link is not attaching to the card.  I believe the issue might be with step 4, locating the card, the card name is “required” for this step and I don’t know if the way i have shown in step 4 will work, even though the fields match how cards are created in the board in the first place.  Maybe there’s a different approach?



1 reply

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Hi @Adam_H 

Good question.

You provably don’t need Step 4 since you’ve already found the Trello Card in Step 2.