Trello error: The app returned "invalid value for idList" when creating a card.

  • 1 August 2023
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I’ve created a Google Form with a field (name = “Initiative Focus Area”) in which I want to use to create a card in a particular Trello Board.  I have created a 2 step process that gets the “Initiative Focus Area” information from the Form and 1) checks to see if the List exists, and create it if it doesn’t while the 2nd step) is intended to create the new Card in the List identified in the “Initial Focus Area” field.


Step # 1 works without any issues (that of checking for the List and Creating it if necessary), but I get an error of  

Failed to create a card in Trello

The app returned "invalid value for idList".


in the step to create the card…


1 reply

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Hi @jmdelamore 

Good question.

The List field expects the internal Trello List ID.

You can see the expected values by looking at the dropdown list of options.

The smaller gray value for an option is the expected value.