This Email step was throttled by Zapier.

  • 18 March 2024
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Send Outbound Email in Email by Zapier, This Email step was throttled by Zapier.


Is it normal for Zapier to throttle a zap for almost an hour? I am on a free plan.



3 replies

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Hi @Zam 

Help articles for using Email by Zapier:



When using the Send Email action, Zapier might display an error message: “Email by Zapier: Sorry! That is too many emails sent. Please try Mandrill, Mailgun, Gmail, or others for bulk email”. This usually occurs when the Zap is turned on.  



This happens when the Email by Zapier app limits the number of emails you can send within a specific timeframe to prevent spam.  The allowed email limit per hour depends on your Zapier plan:

  • Trial or Free plan: 5 emails per account per day.
  • Any paid plan: 10 emails per account per hour.

When the error message says “Held” like that, is it held until after the hour is up and then released? Can I stack emails in the queue and then they will be sent out as the rate limit allows, or if I go over the rate limit in any given period is it stuck in limbo forever?

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Hi @IgoleHadod 

You would likely need to go to the Zap Runs and manually replay.

You can add a Delay (After Queue) step to space out the processing of the Email step.

NOTE: Adding a Delay step will create a multi-step Zap that requires a Zapier paid plan.





A held status indicates that the Zap run is being held for one of a few reasons.

Held statuses can be caused by: