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Thinkific to Salesforce Zap not triggering on new orders

The Zap is not auto-triggering anymore. The Zap is getting the data from Thinkific new order event (instant) and creates a record of a Salesforce object. All the connections are working and I can run and test the automation manually with no problem. This Zap was working before and there is/was no additional starting condition. What could be the reason?


Best answer by WWI 17 April 2023, 19:43

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Hmm @WWI can you please tell me a little bit more about your Zap? How long have you been using it and when is the last time it ran without error? I’d like to see if this is bug you may be experiencing. Any screenshots you can provide, omitting any personal or identifying information will be extremely helpful here. 

Looking forward to your reply!

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Hi @WWI 

Thanks for reaching out to the Community!

To ensure we’re on the same page, please confirm the last time the Zap was triggered. If you could send screenshots of the latest Zap history, that would be a huge help.

(If there’s any personal information, kindly blur them.)

Looking forward to your response!

The Zap is running since Mar 28th. The Zap has been triggered successfully last on Apr 13th. Here are some details for each step. It is a very simple Zap.


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Hi @Charie 

Thanks for clarifying that information.

Based on the screenshots you attached, it looks like the issue could be related this:

To fix this, try updating your Thinkific app. Then, update the Zap by searching for the latest version of the Thinkific integration.

Let us know if that works!

The problem is still existing after updating the app connection. New data still doesn’t trigger the Zap.

New trigger after creating new app connection
Installed Zapier app in Thinkific domain.


I think I have found where the problem is. Based on what has been explained in Thinkific/Zapier instruction

  1. New Order: Fires when a student places an order for a course, community, or bundle. Free courses do not generate an order if you use our two-page checkout however if you have opted into our single-page checkout, free courses will generate an order. If the order has a 100%-off coupon code applied, it still counts as an order (this applies to both checkouts).

Considering this, I was able to sync the new data into Salesforce automatically by adding a price to the products of those orders.

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Hey there @WWI,

Awesome! Glad to know you were able to get it sorted. Kudos to you for digging and providing on how you sorted out the issue.

If you have any other questions, please don’t hesitate to post them in the Community. We’re always happy to help! 🤗

However, the problem is still existing if the single-page checkout is enabled for free courses. The data can be fetched manually by testing the trigger but it doesn’t run automatically. 

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Hi @WWI 

Can you please turn the Zap off and then turn it back on again so that the Zap will be refreshed?

I have this issue as well and the solution WWI mentioned some degree. For me, it seems to also work even for free bundles.

But here’s the issue I have:
My courses are aimed at children. The parent registers on the platform, so we have additional input fields to take the student’s name.

I’m trying to create a Zap linked to mailchimp, where I can use the child’s name in the newsletter.

Previously the trigger never worked, but after switching to single-page checkout, it is triggering. But the extra data fields are not presented to the customer on the single-page checkout. It then goes into a 2nd page (the irony), and ask the user to complete set up by creating a password and filling out the extra custom input fields.




The issue with this is:

  1. The newsletter is meant to go out immediately, but we don’t have the data fields required.
  2. If the user closes the browser at this stage, or pressed the back button, they’re still registered and we don’t have the child’s name.


All of this issue would have been resolved if the event would simply trigger on free products with the 2-page checkout setting enabled.

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Hi there @WWI and @RostamDastan! 👋

I did some digging and it looks like you’re both running into a known bug where orders with no charge aren’t always triggering for Zaps using Thinkific’s New Order trigger. I’ve added you both to the list of affected users so we can contact you by email the moment it’s been fixed. 

In the meantime, would the switching to the New Full Enrollment trigger be a suitable workaround?

If not, is it possible to get email notifications sent to you when a new order is placed in Thinkific? If so, you could potentially use an app like Email Parser by Zapier as the trigger for the Zap instead (assuming the email notifications contain all the necessary information). You can find out more about how to trigger from those emails here: Trigger Zaps from new parsed emails

Hope that helps! 🙂

Hi @SamB ,


Thanks for your prompt reply.

“New Full Enrollment” wouldn’t work in my case because what I’m giving away is a “bundle”, not a single course.

I’m not sure why bundles aren’t showing up under New Full Enrollment & only individual courses do.


As for email parser, I will try that and get back to you.


To confirm, Thinkific does not provide order confirmation emails for free courses, so email parser is also not an option right now.

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Mmm, thanks for letting us know @RostamDastan. Sorry to hear these recommendations and workarounds aren’t an option at the moment. 😔

It’s worth mentioning, bundles not showing up isn’t due to anything you’re doing wrong! As you mentioned, only single courses are supported at the moment (I added you to a feature request regarding this as well).

While I don’t have an ETA on a fix for this bug, we’ll definitely keep you both in the loop via email! If ya’ll stumble on any other workarounds in the meantime, we, and the community would love to know. 🤞🏽