There is an extra paragraph in the body when sending Gmail emails through my Zap.

  • 3 February 2023
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When sending emails (gmail) with zapier, there appears an extra paragraph in the body of the received email, when it is not supposed to (this has happened to me in another different zap - same issue).


Zapier input with no paragraph or extra space between “tua” and “candidatura” (sorry for the portuguese)


Marked in red the issue


Hope you cand help me.


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4 replies

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Hi @nunopaulino96 

Good question.

What is the email format you are trying to send? (TEXT or HTML)

Hi @Troy Tessalone,


Thanks for your reply. I am writing it as text, with the body type as “Plain”.

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If you convert to HTML you should be able to control the display of the email body text.

<br> tag for line breaks:

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Hi @nunopaulino96 just checking back in here. Were you able to convert to HTML in order to eliminate the spacing issues in your email? Let us know if you still need some help with this!