The Zap is triggering every day, when it should only trigger once per email.

  • 12 February 2023
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I recently created the following workflow:



Whenever I receive an email that has “Quote” in the subject it will trigger to generate a task in ClickUp.



The zap is working, but it’s repeating every day. I just wake up and saw 69 tasks on ClickUp while I only send 1 email


How can I solve this? It should only trigger the task one time per email.

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4 replies

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Hi @lujandfa 

Good question.

For us to have context, please post detailed screenshots with how each of your Zap steps is configured, thanks.

Hello Troy!

Thank you for answering my question. Here is the flow:





I shared the zap, not sure if that works so I also screenshot everything hahaha


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Hi @lujandfa 

You may want to try changing the Zap trigger to: Gmail - New Email Matching Search

Otherwise, you can open a ticket with Zapier Support for them to look deeper in the logs to help with troubleshooting:

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Hi @lujandfa! I just wanted to circle back and see which option you ended up taking, if any. Did changing the trigger help or did you reach out to support? For context, I like to follow up with these things just in case you need additional assistance or someone else encounters a similar issue. That way, they have a starting place to problem solve. 😆