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The upload video could not be sent to YouTube. Media type 'text/plain' is not supported.".

  • 16 September 2020
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I am setting up my drupal to youtube, when user upload a video in drupal, it will auto upload to youtube.

during the setting in zapier, I got the error from the testing say text/plain is not supported, but I did select the “video file” for the video field, unless I am doing something wrong, please advise if you know what’s this problem, thank you, please see my screenshot below



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8 replies

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The Video field expects a media file format.

Based on your screenshots you’re trying to pass in a text value.

That is why the error is occurring.

TIP: Click on the icon next to the Video field label for more info.



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please look at the screenshot,

Video: videofile--file

I am using the file value for the video field but not the text value, that’s why I am asking here

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For this data point, this is the value being passed in: videofile--file

That is not a media file, hence the error.

There should be a different data point that points to the media file itself or a link to the video file.


From the article:

When we reference files on Zapier, we mean the actual file object, and not a text field describing the file.

For example, a file would be a photo itself, a field describing that file might be the Name, or the URL for that photo.

If you put a string of text in a file field, we'll convert it to a .txt file for you.

If you give us a URL, we'll inspect the URL and try to load in the data there and name it properly.

And, if the item is a file from the trigger side, we'll bring it along.

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if the “file” one not the media file, I have just tried all other possible options with then name of “video” from the drop down, none of them are the media file, unless the file value not showing on the drop down ??

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Please see this link for the drupal test post here , you can see the video file, if you can tell the file value, thanks

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any idea please ? please see this link here when you hover your mouse, you can see the video file

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Hi @dd123 

First of all, could I ask you not to post multiple times in a thread? It wont help you to get an answer any quicker and makes it difficult for others to follow the post. 


I’m afraid that it wont be possible to set up a Zap in the way that you need it.

Troy is right that you need a file object to upload a video to YouTube using the Zapier integration. I took a look at the Drupal Zapier integration and I can see that the New content trigger doesn’t send a file object. That’s why you’ve not been able to make this work, sorry about that. 


We do have a feature request to include a file object with the New Content trigger in Drupal and I've added your email address as another vote for this addition. I don't have an ETA of when or if this will happen, but we will definitely email you if it does become a reality.  

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Hey friends! 👋

I just wanted to pop in here with a quick update to share that the team have decided not to pursue this feature request at this time. 

As a workaround it might be worth looking into setting up a webhook in Drupal to be sent when new content is added. Then you’d use a Catch Hook (Webhooks by Zapier) trigger which would run whenever Drupal sends a webhook to it. It’s a bit advanced and I can’t guarantee that would send file object but if it’s something you’d like to explore I’d recommend checking out the following guides:

Thanks for your patience and please do reach out in Community again if you have any other questions at all!