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The date and time pulled into Airtable differ from Calendly records, even when time zones are aligned.

  • 20 October 2022
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Hi. I'm using a free version of Zapier to connect Calendly with Airtable in order to create records of all new Calendly bookings in Airtable. I'm tracking the event type, invitee name, email address and date/time of the event. I've managed to connect the two apps but the date and time that are pulled into Airtable are completely off. I've checked the timezone settings between all these apps and they seem to be aligned but the problem persists. What else do I need to check/pay attention to? 


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Hi @Pihstone! That’s aggravating and I hope we can help you figure it out.

Sounds like you’ve checked the time zone settings on both Airtable and Calendly. What about in Zapier?

If you’ve done that, can you let us know how far off the time is? It’ll help us troubleshoot what’s going on.


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Hey Pihstone,

Frank here - date/time stuff can be slippery! Here are some things I would suggest checking... 


A tip I’ve found is in your task history, check the data-in and data-out tabs of the app getting things wrong - Is it going into Airtable correctly and then getting scrambled? That often means you are looking at a formatter issue. 

Also a possible quick fix - is it always wrong in the same way (always off by x hours, always off by 1 day etc...)? If so, you could test out using a time modifier within the Zap itself: 


Have a look at those options and if you still aren’t sure, grab some screenshots from your task history of just the data-in/data-out from Airtable, as well as how it’s setup in the Zap editor -  and I’d love to try to help from there :)