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The date and time format when transferring Zoho CRM events to Google Calendar is incorrect

  • 23 December 2022
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I am trying to link my CRM (Zoho) with Google Calendar so that I can sync the calendar with our staff scheduling system (Ubeya). 


In Zoho we use the deals module to create an event and as Zoho doesn't have a stand alone time module, I have created a time drop down.  (Screen shots attached.)

When it gets to the Google calendar the date and time format is wrong so its not scheduling properly.  Is there a way I can tell it the proper format?



Best answer by Troy Tessalone 23 December 2022, 02:50

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5 replies

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Hi @jsharpripple 

Good question.

Try adding a space between the mapped variables.


Thank you - its always something really simple! 


Time and date now works well, however its creating a new event everytime I change anything, instead of modifying the event.

The action I currently have it set on is Create a detailed event in Google Calendar. There is a Update an event but playing with it it doesn’t look like it will work??

UPDATE: I have changed it to find event is google calendar and add if not found.  I a musing the ID number as the find field.  But it is still adding a new event everytime!

UPDATE: Done! I was asking it to search on a field that I hadnt added - through trial and error I created a trigger (Zoho), a find (and create if not there) follwed by an update.  Google calendar now syncs to my apple calendar too.


I can’t get it to delete an event if deleted in zoho but thats the next problem to solcve.

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Thanks for keeping the thread updated, @jsharpripple! We love to see it. 🤗

Feel free to open a new topic for any new q’s!