The AWeber action wants an email, which doesn't make any sense to me.

I am trying to connect stan store and AWeber through Zapier. When I set up my actions I have my trigger on Stan store as “new customer”. My next action is AWeber, “create subscriber” which then should trigger my email funnel in AWeber but in the AWeber action it wants an email which doesn't make any sense to me and is keeping the program from working I don't know what to do! Please help!


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Hi @Drew Affiliation,

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By “Email,” it means the subscriber’s email address, not the email you want to send. You’ll need the subscriber’s email address in AWeber in order for them to receive the email funnel.

So how would I make this automatic?

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When you click on the Email field, you should see a dropdown with options from your previous step. You can dynamically pull in data from that earlier step by clicking on those options. See screenshot below for an example:


So I am using Stan store and getting the email from there but the only option I have from above are (see pic). Do I need another step in between to grab the email?


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Hi there @Drew Affiliation - you should be able to see all the available data on the Action tab. 


When you click inside this email box, you should see the options that it pulls from Stan in the same format @Todd Harper demonstrated above. 


Let us know if you’re able to see those when you click into the email section, and we’re happy to continue supporting you in building your Zap!


Best- Rachael

Unfortunately it doesn’t come up with all those options. The only ones that are similar are the email, (1. Email “with my email already in it”) and (1. ID “#######”).

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Hi @Drew Affiliation,

You’ll want to use “1. Email”. That should be the email address of your customer. You said it has your email address in it; I assume your test data is using you as the customer? “1. Email” is dynamic content and should update for each new Stan customer.

Yes that is correct that it is using my email for the test. I went ahead and published the zap so it is now on. Tested it by entering a name and email that was different and never got an email, but I did get a lead confirmation email on my work email which is correct. I then tried with the email that was used for the test and it sent me two emails, one was that I had a lead (should send it to work email but didn’t) and the second was a confirmation email. Once I confirmed, which I switched off in AWeber and shouldn’t have to do, I got an email from AWeber notification that I am now a subscriber to the list I have my funnel on, which I shouldn't get either, and finally the last email is the correct email I was supposed to be sent and the only one I should’ve been sent. 

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Without actually looking into your settings in AWeber and reviewing your Zap History and these emails, it’s pretty difficult to diagnose what’s going on here and whether it’s an issue with Zapier, AWeber, Stan, or something else.

As a next step, I would recommend hiring a Zapier Expert to take a closer look at this with you.

Gotcha, Thanks for y’all’s help!


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Hi @Drew Affiliation!

As Todd mentioned, it’s hard to tell where the issue is without taking a look at your AWeber settings and an example of how the Zap is working. That said, I can hopefully get you pointed in the right direction.

To confirm, you need the field called “Email” from the Stan trigger in the Email field for AWeber, it sounds like you have that bit sorted. My guess would be that there’s something in the AWeber settings for the list that’s not set up in the way that you expect.

If you use Gmail, a good way to test steps with different email addresses is by using a neat feature in Gmail where you can create different email addresses by adding a plus sign and then something else before the @ sign. For example, lets say my email address was, I could create another email address that goes to the same inbox by using or, or anything you want. 

By creating these kind of email aliases, you can methodically test steps in your Zap by seeing what happens with each different email address. 


Also, one quick point:

Once I confirmed, which I switched off in AWeber and shouldn’t have to do

When you add a subscriber to AWeber using Zapier it does require confirmation. This is required by AWeber so that someone doesn’t use Zapier to automatically add people to a list with their consent and create mass spam lists! 

I hope that helps!


Yes thank you so much much for the tips! I hope I am able to get it all sorted out. Thanks for your help!


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You’re welcome :) 

Let us know how you get on!