The app returns an "Internal server error" when a task is completed in Todoist and sends an update to

  • 13 June 2023
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Hey guys,

I’ve connected my and Todoist accounts so that when a task is created in monday, it gets created in Todoist as well. I’m trying to set it up so that when a task is completed in Todoist, it sends an update to Monday, but I’m getting this error “The app returned "Internal server error".”

Anyone have any idea what I might be doing wrong?


5 replies

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Hi @jrmypdgr, welcome to the Community! 👋

Hmm, internal server errors can sometimes be caused by issues in a Zap being able to connect to the app’s server. I know was experiencing some connectivity issues a couple days ago, but that’s since been fixed. So the Zap should be able to connect to ok now.

As it’s an update action that’s erroring, I’m wondering if it could be that it’s not able to find the right item to update. What do you have selected for the Item ID field on the action? Is it the name of the task rather than it’s ID?

If so, then you’ll either need to add a search action like the Get Item by Column Value ( action to locate the correct ID for the item. Or, in the Zap that creates the Todoist task, you’ll want to have the ID for the task stored in one of it’s fields. That way you can select the correct ID from that field, in the Item ID field in the Zap that’s updating the task in

If that’s not the case, can you please share a screenshot showing the currrent settings and fields that have been selected in the action? Please remember to remove or hide any private information from it first (like names, email addresses etc.). That might help us to spot if there’s anything in the set up of that action step that might be causing the error.

Looking forward to hearing from you!


Hey there! 

So this is what I have in the action for Monday. Is there anything obvious that is wrong?

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Thanks for sending that helpful screenshot over @jrmypdgr! 🙂

It looks like the ID field that’s selected is the ID for the Todoist task, not the ID for the task that you want the Zap add an update for. The IDs for the tasks in each app will be unique so the ID in Todoist won’t match the ID for the corresponding task in

The fix will be either of the two options I mentioned previously: 

1) Use a search action

Add a Get Item by Column Value ( action to search for the item you wish to update. In the Item ID field in the Create Update action select the ID field supplied by the Get Item by Column Value action. This would make it a Multi-step Zap though so you’d only be able to use this option while on a paid Zapier plan.

2) Record the task ID when creating the task

If you’re not on a paid Zapier plan then this would be a better option as no additional actions would be added to the Zap. In the Zap that creates the Todoist task, add the ID for the task into one of the Todoist task’s fields. Then in the Zap that updates the task, in the Item ID field (on the Create Update action) select the Todoist field that contains the ID. This won’t work for tasks that were added before the Zap creating the tasks in Todoist was updated to store the task ID, but it should work for new tasks that are created going forward. 

Hope that helps. Please do keep us in the loop on how you get on with this! 

Hey sam. Ok so with the second option, how do I add the ID from monday?


This is what I have in the zap that creates the task in todoist



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Great question, @jrmypdgr

Hmm, I’m not sure what trigger you’re using for that Zap but if for the New Item in Board trigger it looks as though the ID for the task (item) would be sent over from in the Item Id field.

Whatever field the ID is added to would need to only contain the ID, otherwise and additional action would need to be added to the Zap in order to extract the ID from the rest of the information in the field. I’m not seeing any custom fields there that you could potentially use, but maybe you could add it into the Note field for the task:


Could that approach work? Or would you be likely to add information to the notes field when carrying out a task?