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Teamleader error: Failed to create a deal in Teamleader Focus The app returned " invalid uuid"

  • 15 August 2022
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Long story short, I wanted to connect a google sheets row to Teamleader (CRM package).


I wanted Teamleader to create a deal whenever the status in google sheets of a row changes.


The problem is that the Teamleader step always returns: 

Failed to create a deal in Teamleader Focus

The app returned " invalid uuid".

Customer support of Teamleader did not really help. I am not sure this is because hardly anyone uses this zapier zap and therefore it does not work or that is really a problem from my side.


Does anybody here know how I could solve the issue?


I was already seriously contemplating changing the CRM package and wanted to give it a last go. If I could make the zap work then I might consider not changing. The problem with changing is that we use the CRM to bill the clients. The rest of the features of Teamleader are not used because of the high input necessity (double / triple entry of data) and the fact that it is very hard to create a “template” flow to make sure each contract is handled in the same way.


So therefore maybe a follow up question: What true CRM / billing / project package would suit there needs? 


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7 replies

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Hi @CarlosVB 

Good question.

Based on the error message from Teamleader, the Customer field expects the internal Customer ID instead of say an email address or name.

The app returned " invalid uuid".

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Hey there @CarlosVB 

Sorry to hear about the bother here,

Could you provide a screenshot of how you have the Teamleader Create Deal step of your Zap configured?

That will help us to get to the bottom of what is going on here!

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The error message in step 4 of my zap when I want to test the step


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The details of the fault in the test run of the step in my zap


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We’d need to see screenshots with how you have the fields configured in this section.


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Thanks Troy & Paul for the offer to help,

In the meantime found a blog post from Teamleader. Apparently I need to configure first using a program called insomnia. Then I need to configure all variables in Teamleader, then use JSON to see the ID and lastly link the variables with the google sheet using zapier by identifying them individually.

Still blocked by the way. Apparently I can only create 50 custom fields. I can’t even delete them anymore to create extra room for the most important variables.

Safe to say, not a big fan of teamleader. the SAAS software feels very limited, not flexible and underdeveloped. But of course that is only an opinion and everyone has one😀

In short the second question is becoming more and more relevant: What true CRM / billing / project package would suit there needs?

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Hi @CarlosVB

Thanks so much for coming back to us to let us know what you found. It sounds like Teamleader has been really frustrating for you. 


Personally, I’ve not come across one piece of software/app that can handle everything. In my experience, the more an app does (eg crm and billing vs just billing or crm and project management, etc) the less well it does each individual thing. That’s very much my personal opinion though, I hope you’re able to find one or more apps that help you to keep things running smoothly!