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Teachable specific course enrollments to Hubspot workflow isn't working?

  • 23 June 2022
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I have no idea what I’m doing wrong?

I would like people who enrol in a specific course on Teachable to receive a Hubspot workflow. 

However, when people register for one of my other courses on Teachable they are receiving my hubspot workflow, which is in no way related to the course they registered for. 

I have set up 2 zaps, one for new contacts to hubspot and the second to receive my Hubspot workflow. 

Both zaps, I have filtered my zap with the specific course ID and URL. How are they receiving the workflow for the other enrolled course?



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3 replies

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Thanks for reaching out, @EdEle! I’m sorry to hear you’re running into this!

Do you mind sharing some screenshots (with any personal details obscured) of your current zap setup? That may help others dig into this with you! 🙂

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Hey Christina. Yes good idea. 

So this is the first zap I set up to add a new contact to Hubspot (I filtered the zap according to the specific Teachable course ID 1305854)


To note the course I’m speaking about is this one:

This is the data:


This is the filter


The second zap I created is to get this contact to a Hubspot workflow. 



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Hi @EdEle!

So looking at your screenshots, I can see that in both cases the filter should only allow the Zap to continue if the course ID is 1305854. One way that you can check to see if the filter is working the way that you expect is to look at the Zap history for the Zap where someone who should have been filtered wasn’t. Step by step, that would look like this:

Find the email address of someone who’s on a course that should have been filtered but you know was added to HubSpot

Go to the Zap history for the Zap and in the search by, add the email address of the user (make sure that you select the correct Zap in the options below


You’ll know if the Filter stopped the Zap because the Status of the Zap run will say ‘Filtered’ if the filter conditions were met and the Zap continued, the status will be ‘Success’.

If the Zap run you’re looking at says ‘Success’, click on the run to view it and scroll to the Filter step. You’ll see the condition for the filter and whether or not the data in the Zap matched the condition:

The text on the left is the data that came from the previous Zap step(s) and the text on the right is what it should match. If you compare the two, you should be able to work out where the issue is in the Zap. 


I hope that helps you to troubleshoot this, if you take a look at those and aren’t sure what the issue is, could you please share an example of a Zap run that should have been filtered but wasn’t, specifically sharing a screenshot like the one above (showing the filter step). Thanks!