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Taking rows of data and creating multiple rows in a separate Google sheet for each single row in the origin sheet

  • 3 August 2023
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Hi there,


We have a workflow set up where we drop data into a spreadsheet, sometimes one line, sometimes thirty lines of data and for these I want the Zap I’ve built to take each row (referred to as origin data) and create 9 separate rows (destination data) in a different spreadsheet for input into a separate system.


I did initially look at the Create multiple spreadsheet rows but this doesn’t offer us the option of how many rows of data to create and only shows us one row of data with no flexibility (For reference our destination data is always 9 rows of data). Is there something I am missing with regards this particular option and how I can get it to present more row options?


I then looked at Delay after queue thinking that it might offer me the option of processing the 9 rows of destination data as separate steps in the Zap before then proceeding onto the next row of origin data but it appears this is more for when multiple Zaps are updating a document rather than a single Zap handling the creation of multiple rows in a spreadsheet. Is there a way I could use this to manage it, so that it processes each row of origin data (and the 9 rows of data are output) prior to it working on the next row of origin data?


I suspect trying to use Looping won’t avail me much either because each row of origin data would engage the Zap simultaneously so I’m a little lost with what my options are here for building this workflow.


Any thoughts or suggestions?


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Hi @BoBFiSh,

I’m not sure what information you are passing to create these 9 rows, but hopefully this suggestion helps.

First, I would take the 9 pieces of information you need to create the rows and turn them into line items with a formatter step.


Each field needs to be separated by a comma.  I would also suggest that none of your fields contain any commas.

Then you can place the output from this step into the Create Multiple Rows step.


As long as you always have nine fields, then it will create 9 rows.


Hope this helps!

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Hi @GetUWired ,


This has given me a solid nudge in the right direction and after battling some of the format Zapier options I’ve got something that I think will work for our workflow (it is a bit finicky and thus the headache it has been causing me).


Thank you for your time on this, it has helped a lot 😀.

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That’s great to hear, @BoBFiSh! I’m so pleased GetUWired was able to help get you pointed in the right direction. 🎉

Seems like you’re all set for the moment, but if you run into any further issues/questions please do let us know. The Community here is always happy to assist! 🙂