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Sub-zap throwing error "Did you fork or replay this step"

  • 7 July 2023
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I am calling a sub-zap from another zap and the sub-zap is throwing the error

Did you fork or replay this step? We expected callbackUrl to be stored!

The sub-zap is running tasks based on an array of values where it performs steps on the array. If I reduce the array to only one item it works fine. If I increase the array to more than 1 value it throws this error.

I moved the array to the sub-zap so that the parent zap would be able to call single actions that wouldn’t be repeated after the sub-zap exits. 

Is this supported in sub-zaps or do I need to restructure my zaps to handle this differently?


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Hi @sinklair, welcome to the Community!

Am I right in thinking that you referring to an array of items in a Looping by Zapier action?

If so, is the Return from Sub-Zap action added before the loop or within it? Generally, it’s not really recommended to use loops in a Sub-Zap. If they are, then the Return from Sub-Zap would need to happen before the loop starts. See: Using Loop actions with Sub-Zaps.
If that’s not the case here can you share some further details and screenshots of the set up in the Action sections in Sub-Zap to give us a better idea of what might be causing the error? Please remove/hide any private information from any screenshots before sharing (like names, email addresses etc.).

Looking forward to hearing from you on this!

The array is created by a Code step so I think you are correct that it is executing a loop. It’s not an explicit Loop action so I wasn’t clear on whether it counted as unsupported. I’ll see what I can do to restructure my zaps to avoid the loop in the sub-zap.