Struggling with a Zap for Jotform and Trello!

  • 1 February 2024
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I am a newbie!

Trying to create a Zap where; when a Jotform entry is received, IF there is a matching Trello card with the same client name, then the Jotform is attached to that existing card.


I can set it up to create a new card, but that’s not what I want!


I’ve set up the flow: 

  1. When Jotform (of a certain type) arrives
  2. Search for a matching card name on my Trello list
  3. Find the Trello card
  4. Add the Jotform attachment

Each test shows it seems to work (there is a card which matches), however the Card doesn’t get updated with any attachments.


Bizarrely the “File attachment” says ‘no data’


Any ideas 

17 replies

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Hi @Chalky76 

For us to have full context, please post screenshots with how your Zap steps are outlined and configured, thanks.

Thanks - screenshots attached. The issue seems to be the last step, actually adding the attachment 



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Attachments did not upload, please try again.


attached as jpeg rather than png this time

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The Card field expects the ID of the Trello Card from Step 3, rather than the name of the Card.


The File Attachments field expects file urls or file objects.

You should remove the mapped variable for “Email”.

The mapped variable for “Attachment” has “No data” from step 3, which would be why no File Attachments are added.


Thanks for the prompt reply … so two issues then. Does this look better regarding allocating to the correct card?

Your comment: 

‘You should remove the mapped variable for “Email”’  is noted. I only added this as a backup to see if it pulled the email (or anything else) to the card (it didn’t!).


The ‘no data’ bit is what’s throwing me. I’m trying to ask it to pull through the ‘attachment’ from Jotform (which IS the data) to add to the card.


Not sure what I need to ask it to do to add the Jotform PDF output as an attachment.



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In your Jotform account settings you need to uncheck the checkbox related to files. (4)


If you are trying to map an attachment from Jotform, then you need to map variables from Step 1, not Step 3.


Troy … you sir, are a legend.


Although don’t go anywhere yet! Jotform settings updated. 


I think I follow your comment about mapping from Step 1 not 3. Do you mean that I was trying to upload a file from Trello (ie Step 3) rather than Jotform? I played around for a while, but nowhere in Step 1 was there an option to select the whole Jotofmr as an attachment  (I've retested with the updated Jotform settings) - I can only select certain fields - screenshot attached

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If you are collecting files in the Jotform those can be uploaded as explained above.

If you are trying to upload all of the data from the Jotform to the Trello Card, then you would first need to create a file with the data from the Jotform submission, then upload that file to the Trello Card.


Options via GDocs.


Sorry @Troy Tessalone - still don’t understand how I can upload the Jotform file (which is definitely my preferred route, rather than the data alone).


I’ve change the Jotform settings, but not sure what needs to be “attached” from Step 1 as there doesn’t seem to be an option for the whole Jotform as a file.

@Troy Tessalone I do have the Jotform forms as encrypted (due to the potentially sensitive nature of content) - could this be an issue?

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This Jotform setting are related to files uploaded as part of the Jotform submission.

To send files in Zaps the files need to be publicly accessible.


I don’t believe Jotform provides a file (e.g. PDF) with all the submitted Jotform data, thus why you would have to create your own file first with that data, then upload that newly created file to Trello.

If you are unable to see the individual field values from Jotform, then it may be related to this setting.


Thanks. Jotform does produce a PDF of the file which it emails to me. Would it be a simple alternative approach for me to change the Zap and remove the Jotform integration,  so that 

  1. Upon receipt of an email from Jotform (which I can get Jotform to email directly to .zapier email, or I can set a rule to forward from my Outlook)
  2. IF there is a matching Trello card 
  3. To add the attached PDF from the email?
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Yes that is a viable alternative approach to use.

I’d recommend using this Zap trigger: Gmail - New Attachment

Gmail handles attachments much better than Outlook or Zapier Email.


Hi @Troy Tessalone 

That’s incredibly helpful.

I’ve set up via Gmail, and managed (after some trials!) to get the it to identify the existing card, and add a PDF.

The only thing that’s not perfect is that the PDF has a weird filename when added to Trello. When I download the PDF it’s named correctly. 

Is there a way to automate it to change the name (ideally to the client name) when it’s being added to the Trello card? It feels like a simple step, but not sure how. 

I’ve taken two screenshots of the Zap, and one of how the file name looks when added to Trello. 

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It’s unclear which Gmail Zap trigger you are using in the screenshot.


Make sure to use this Zap trigger: Gmail - New Attachment


Then in the Trello Add Attachment to Card step, you should use the File Attachments field (rather than the URL attachments) as that accepts file objects and file urls, since you are passing file object. (e.g. File exists but not shown)


So it should look like this. (NOTE: The mapped variable is just Attachment which is singular)