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Stripe failing to create a price from an existing product.

  • 29 July 2022
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Hi guys,

My purpose is to simultaneously create a product and its accompanying price in Stripe from a table in Airtable.

I created a zap as follows:

  1. Trigger → Airtable: Create product in Stripe when new or updated record in Airtable
  2. Action → Stripe: Create product in Stripe
  3. Action → Stripe: Create price in Stripe

With a “New” or “Updated” record Trigger Event in Airtable, Stripe does a “Create Product” event.  The Name for the Setup Action in Stripe is a combination of 2 fields in my Airtable: {pac_name} and {package_type} and I’ve added a bunch of my own metadata including {package_price}, {currency}, etc.

When I do the Test Action, a record is sent to Stripe and the name is correct and all metadata is there - no problems here.

The third Action is “Create price in Stripe” and this is where the issue is.

When I click Test Action, is returns “Failed to create product: No such product: ‘<product.’.

I have references the product in the Setup Action with the following discrete things with no luck:

  1. {pac_name} and {package_type} (from Airtable)
  2. {ID} from Stripe

Neither works.


Any help would be immensely appreciated as well as any suggestions or pointers, as I’m new to creating zaps.





Hong Kong 


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Hi Ryan!

It sounds like you’re on the right track, we just need to find the correct ID/field to use to tell the Create Price step which product to select. 

From what I can see, it should be the Product ID from Stripe. 

If you’re ever unsure which information to use as the Custom value in a Zap, look at the information underneath the name of the options in the drop down:

The value highlighted is the one that you need to use a custom value. I created this product in Stripe to test it out and the value in the image above is the product ID


You should have the product ID from the Create Product step, so you’ll be good to go :)