Stripe Errors: Required field "Contact Reference" (cp_contact_reference) is missing. Required field "Payment Reference" (cp_reference) is missing.

Hi, I’m trying to make my first ZAP with Sage > Stripe

How do I set-up my Zap correctly?


Any ideas why the test comes back with this error message?

I used the Customer Name for “Contact Name”.


Required field "Contact Name" (cp_contact) is missing. Required field "Contact Reference" (cp_contact_reference) is missing. Required field "Payment Reference" (cp_reference) is missing.

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Good question.

Please post detailed screenshots with how your Zap steps are configured along with the encountered error message, thanks.

Hi Troy,

Please see the set-up and error message attached.

I’m hoping by doing this ZAP, any payments that come from Stripe we will be able to automate reconcile in Sage. Currently manual stripe payments via our WooCommerce mean the accountant needs to create a new journal to reverse the effects of this transaction as Sage doesn’t recognise it (this is a lengthy process). This article explains our problem more:


Thanks Troy and hoping Zapier will be our saviour!

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As an example, the mapped variable for the field Contact Name is Customer Name which has a value of “No data”, which means the variable’s value is blank/empty/null.

The field Contact Name expects a value to be provided since it’s a required field.

Thus, why the error is encountered.


Help article about how to change the trigger test data:


This article isn’t that clear with how I need to enter test data? 

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It’s unclear what Stripe trigger event you are using in the Zaps.

But generally, you need to test the desired trigger event in the app, then pull thru the new example data into the Zap trigger as per the article.

Then you can continue manually testing the Zap steps.


1. Select new trigger test data

  • Click to open the Trigger step.
  • Click to expand the Test trigger section.
  • Click the dropdown menu and select a different item. You'll be able to see the data from the new item you've selected.
  • If you want to choose from a greater selection of items, click Load more.

Gmail email options

2. Optional: Add new data to your trigger app

If none of the available items Zapier finds seem suitable, try adding new data to your trigger app. For example, if your trigger is a new email in Gmail, send yourself a new email. Then, click the dropdown menu and click Load more to bring in the new data.

miscEye icon Note

If your data fields change when you load a new trigger sample, the new field will not automatically update in your Zap. For example, if you change a field from Last Name to Surname in your trigger app, load your new trigger sample, then replace those fields in subsequent action steps.

I understand now it gives me three different payment options to select via the trigger. Payment B accepts all but one! The reference field is not found? 

Payment Reference required

not sure what to do?

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All required fields in a Zap step expect a value.

In stripe, you will need to test a payment against an invoice.


where is this field to correct please?

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Would need to see how your Zap step is configured with the mapped variables in addition to the error message.

it seems fine, but it creates the error message


Failed to create a create contact payment in Sage Accounting

Cannot read property 'contact_types' of undefined

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I don’t see a field related to Contact Types in the action: Sage Accounting - Create Contact Payment

Perhaps another Zap step is needed to first make sure a Contact/Customer is created, where the Contact Type might be set.

Otherwise, I’d recommend opening a ticket with Zapier Support:

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Hey @CHOBBSY! It looks like you were able to contact support and that y’all are working through this there. Their advice was:

It would be best to try to duplicate the Zap first to ensure that you still have the original Zap setup in case you want to go back to the last setup before you add additional steps: 
(view larger)
On the duplicate Zap, I recommend trying Caleb's recommendation below: 
Step 1: New Payment in Stripe trigger (keep as-is)
Step 2: Find Customer in Sage Accounting - You'll be able to search by the customer name from the Stripe trigger. This step includes an option to create a new customer in Sage Accounting if a match is not found.
Step 3: Update Customer in Sage Accounting - You'll use the ID of the contact found or created in Step 2 to identify who you're updating, then adjust the fields of this step for what details you want to update for that contact.
Step 4: Formatter by Zapier - Numbers action and Perform Math Operation transform can be used to subtract the Stripe fee amount from the total amount of the Stripe trigger data.
Step 5: Create Contact Payment in Sage Accounting, with the output from Step 4 entered in the Total Payment Amount field.
When you get a chance, can you give this a shot and let me know how it goes?

Feel free to reply to your open support ticket if you get stuck with any step in the process - we’re looking forward to working with you to get you up and running!