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Strava/Google Calendar working in Windows but not in android app

  • 8 April 2023
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i have created a Zap that will synchronize new events in Strava App to Google Calendar.

It is doing fine with new events and past events (when using the transfer interface) in Google Calendar on Web but Curiously the updates don’t show in Google Calendar Android Application …

Before you tell me to synchronise the both i assure you that i ve done it and verify that : If i create a new event in the web calendar it appears instantly in the android one and if i delete something in one it disappears on the other.

Most strange : if i duplicate the event created by Zapier in the web calendar it appears then in the android one but then there are two similar events and it is not a solution … 

Any advices? 

Thank you.


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Hi @YvMarseille 

Thanks for reaching out the Community. I’m sorry to hear you’re having issues with your Zap.

I have been digging into the issue and see that a few other users have been running into the same problem. As it turns out, what we're seeing is a known bug.

There's a bug report in place, and I've added your email address to it. Currently, a workaround isn't available, but we'll get back to you immediately when a fix ships for the problem.

Let me know if you have other questions.