Storage issue, set value not working

  • 8 February 2024
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Hello Zapierians!

I'm running through a problem where the step “Set value” sets a value, then there's a delay of 1 minute, and when I then get the value, it's not the value I just set. The delay is in there to avoid a caching issue. Step 8 gets skipped when step 7 errors, which it does in this case. I thought a GIF would show it the best:

This is a storage system that someone posted here:

Made to run a step only if another step errors. But in my case, it's not working as intended. I hope someone knows what is happening and how I can fix it.



1 reply

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Hi @CasparSmits 

Wondering if there are other Zap Runs happening in parallel that are causing the Storage Key value to be overwritten during the Delay.


Check the timestamps on your Zap steps across Zap Runs:


Have you tried using Delay After Queue?