Stopping Certain Form Submissions to Come to a Certain Email

  • 12 July 2022
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Basically, I want the form submission on this page to go to and the form submission on this page to go to

My issue is that both form submissions go to too. How do I fix that?


9 replies

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Hello @whoweplayfor 

Did you use zapier to connect your form builder and emails ?

Generally you would have a form setting through which email to be notified on submission is added.Just use separate forms on those two pages and configure to notify via specific email on that particular form submissions 

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Hey @whoweplayfor! Just checking in here. Were you able to get things sorted out with @Satya09’s advice or are you still running into trouble here? If the ladder, sharing more information regarding how your Zap is set up (including the apps, triggers, and actions) will help us dig further into this and offer additional suggestions. Let us know!

I am using Zapier. 


I have set up one zap for the form submissions on to go to my email at


I have set up another zap for the form submissions on to go to my email at 


The problem is that the form submissions on both of these pages, and goes to my email at How do i stop this? 

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Hey @whoweplayfor

your forms seen on the /results and /contact pages appear to be two distinct forms. Depending on what app you are using to trigger the form submission, you will likely be able to select which form should trigger the Zap.

If you find that your trigger step doesn’t let you pick which form the Zap should trigger on, you can consider adding a filter to your Zap(s) to declare which submissions should be acted in:

And you should be able to declare which email address receives the email in your action step, though that too will depend on what app you are using in your action step.

Feel free to write in here if still stuck, thanks 👍️

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Hey @whoweplayfor!

As far as I can tell, you’re using Webflow for your form. As @ZappinAndy mentioned, you should be able to select the specific forms here in your trigger:


If you’re not using Webflow, or are still having trouble, please let us know!

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Yes, I am using Webflow. 

Please see attached screenshots. 

The submissions from this form are ecgresults@…, which is what I want. 

Now, how do I stop the same form submissions to also go to info@... I can’t seem to figure this out. 

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Hey @whoweplayfor!

Unless you’ve got something else set up in Zapier (or in Webflow), selecting the specific form and where to send the emails should do the trick. In other words, if you have two Zaps…

Zap 1

Choose Form A in your Webflow trigger and send those to via Gmail

Zap 1

Choose Form B in your Webflow trigger and send those to via Gmail

… then there should be no reason that Person 1 would get submissions from Form B, or that Person 2 would get submissions from Form A.

Is there any chance that:

  • people are using the incorrect form
  • you have some other Zap or automation that’s active and conflicting
  • there’s something in Webflow that’s sending those emails

I am still running into the issue where my form submissions from heart results screening goes to too. Help! 


Checked if there was another zap/automation, there was one on another account but is now turned off and deleted. 

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Hey @whoweplayfor!

Here’s something you can try. In the Gmail step of all your Zaps, add a line that shows the link to the Zap that sent the message. Just copy and paste it from the address bar when you’re in the Zap editor.

If you receive an email that you shouldn’t be, you’ll either see the Zap that sent it, OR there will be no link and you’ll know that it wasn’t from any of the Zaps in this account.