Some Facebook Leads are Not Being Imported to Close CRM

  • 18 January 2023
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I’ve been having an issue with missing leads in our Close account, all of which come from Facebook Lead Ads. All the leads have been successfully captured in Zapier. It also shows that it has “Found or Created the Lead in Close.” However, when I track my leads, some of them are missing.


I had to comb through all my Facebook leads, manually search them one by one, and import these missing leads to Close, which is not ideal.


Here’s an example of such leads:


This lead filled out the Facebook Lead Form and was captured by Zapier on January 9th at 9:25 PM.


The lead was also successfully captured in Zap. As you can see, it even says that it has been found and/or created in Close.


The lead data was successfully sent over to our Google Sheet:


The lead data was also successfully sent to Slack:


However, this is one of the leads that I had to manually import into Close because this lead is missing. As seen in the screenshot below, the lead data had to be bulk imported along with the other leads that are missing.


What do you think is wrong here?

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7 replies

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Hi there @Sniper Media!  

Hmm, that’s very odd. Are you using a Custom Search Query to search for the lead? If so can you show us what query you’re using? 

Also, what do you see under the Data out tab here:

Could you send us a screenshot of what it shows when you click on Data out? I’m wondering if it found a match but it was incorrect, which may explain why the lead was not added into Close.

Looking forward to hearing from you on this!

Thanks for responding!


I did think the custom search query may have something to do with it!

Here’s the screenshot:

We did not want to have duplicates in Close so we used this.


For the data out:

It looks fine to me.

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Thanks for sharing those helpful screenshots here @Sniper Media! 🙂

So for that run of the Zap it looks like it didn’t find an existing lead (as the _zap_data_was_found field is “false”). So it appears to have created one in Close, but as you mentioned, the lead wasn’t created and you ending up adding it manually. 

Usually if a “create” type of action if it’s unable to create a lead we’ll get an error back from the app. So this is a bit strange indeed! 

It looks like there’s an ID for the lead that it supposedly created in Close. Could you run a quick search for the missing lead using its ID in Close directly? It looks like this field should contain it’s ID:
Just want to double-check what lead that ID actually belongs to. If you can share a screenshot showing the results of that search that would be great. Hopefully it might give us a clue as to what is happening here! 

Hello Sam!


I did a search and it seems like it did not return with any lead using the lead ID indicated in Data Out.



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Hi @Sniper Media 

Is there a chance these Close leads are being deleted or merged manually somehow?

Or perhaps your Close account permissions don’t allow you to see the lead.

The fact that the Zap step DATA OUT includes the Lead ID indicates the lead was found or created.


Thanks for the response! We don’t allow lead deletion so that’s out of the question. As for merging leads, wouldn’t it show up somehow even if it’s merged? (e.g. doing a phone number, name, or email search) As I have tried these and the lead never showed up.

As for permissions, I have admin access to Close.

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Hi @Sniper Media! Well this is very odd, I’m thinking it could well be a bug with the Close app. 

I did some checking on our side but couldn’t see any reports of this happening to other users. I would suggest contacting our Support team to investigate this further. You can do that here: 

They’ll be able to dig into the logs for your Zap and hopefully will be able to get some better insight into what’s preventing the leads from being added to Close as expected. Please do keep us in the loop on what they find!