Slack “Reaction Added Trigger” finding totally different channel and emoji

  • 19 January 2023
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we ran into an issue multiple times with Slack “Reaction Added Trigger”. When you set it up (add channel an reaction) it find totally different reaction in totally different channel. 

Has anyone found a work around? Or is there a fix planned for it?

Thank you.

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4 replies

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Hi and welcome to the Community, @MFeld! 👋

I’ve not seen any recent reports of this behaviour with the New Reaction Added trigger, but it may just be that you’re the first to notice this strange behaviour. 

I wonder, have the Reaction and Channel selected in the Zap changed or been renamed since the Zap was set up? Or was the Zap always triggering for the wrong emoji reactions and channels?

Also, would you mind sharing a couple screenshots showing the selected Reaction and Channel in the Zap and an example of the Zap triggering for an incorrect reaction/channel from the Zap HistoryPlease remove/hide any private info like names, emails etc. from those screenshots first.

We can’t look into your account or Zaps so I’m hoping those screenshots may help us to spot the cause of the issue here. We’ll keep an eye out for your reply! 

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Hi @MFeld 

Good question.

You can also add a Filter as Step 2 in the Zap to only proceed for the desired Channel.


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Hey @MFeld 👋, have you given Troy’s recommendation to add a Filter Action Step some thought? If you’re not interested in exploring that route, feel free to drop some screenshots so we can take a look and possibly propose another solution. 

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I’m running into the same issue trying to set-up a new zap. The test data seems to just pull through random reactions from the slack account used in random channels outside of the specified one (no specific user has been specified in the trigger). Oddly it worked fine a couple of weeks ago but can’t seem to get it to work now.

I’ll try using a filter to get around this