Skipio contacts being added to random campaigns and ones they’ve already completed

  • 7 March 2023
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This post was split from the topic: Problems accessing jotform data

However, now zapier is adding people to random campaigns In Skipio and not the intended campaign. It is also adding past people to repeat campaigns that they have already completed 

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Hi @Thatch! 👋

Hope you don’t mind but I’ve moved this question out into it’s own topic since it’s a different issue to the one that was being discussed on the other topic. 

This definitely isn’t the expected behaviour here! Have there been any recent changes to the settings for the Skipio campaign that was selected?

And can I just check, are any of the contacts all being added to the one campaign that’s been selected? Or are they all being added to completely different campaigns?

Also, when you test the Skipio action in the Zap directly does it add the contact to the correct campaign?

Are you able to send over some screenshots of the Zap’s current set up, showing the campaign that’s been selected? We can’t see into your Zaps so screenshots would be super useful in helping us to troubleshoot the issue here. Don’t forget to remove/hide any private information like names, emails etc. from them first though. 

Eager to help get to the bottom of this, so will be keeping an eye out for your reply!