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Shopify Action - create product - limitations

  • 15 January 2023
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Long-standing issue that I'm hoping there's a good to.

When creating products in Shopify they always default to: 


Shipping required

zero qty

Track inventory off


I always have to:


Turn off shipping

Set qty

Track inventory


For years I've been fixing them manually.

Based on all the other actions I've looked at there's no access to those specific fields without Web Hooks.

Is there a fix that I'm missing?


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Hi there @BDonk!

I did some checking and found we’ve got an existing feature request open for the ability to set the inventory quantity which would enable the Track Inventory option. I’ve added your vote for that so we can get in touch with you by email as soon as it’s added. We’ll also post any updates in this thread in Community as and when they happen.

I couldn’t see any existing feature requests for being able to set shipping as not required so you’ll want to reach out to our Support team to get that feature requested. You can do that here:

As a workaround you might be able to create the product using a Webhook and set the desired quantity, shipping and inventory settings that way. I can’t advise on the exact steps needed to do that since webhooks are an advanced feature but, we have a related article in Community that talks about how to update Shopify orders via a webhook. It’s not the exact same webhook you’d need to set up but the process should be fairly similar:

Hope that helps!