Set a tag when purchase is done in a specific month

  • 12 January 2022
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Hi all,

Very happy with Zapier and enhancing our business. But struggling with this specific topic. 

When a customer buys a specific product, we trigger a mail sequence. But depending on the month they get a different mail sequence. So I want to filter the purchase date and based on that date add a ‘month tag’ in Convertkit. 


For example a customer buys a product on the 15th of January, I trigger Convertkit to set the tag 2022 January (tags are already created in Convertkit). And when a customer buys a product on the 3rd of February, I trigger Convertkit to set a tag 2022 February. 


I tried the filter option in Zapier and used ‘date after’ AND ‘date before’. For example, date after is 31st of dec and date before is ‘1ste of januari’. And I used the date format Zapier recommends. The purchase date is extracted from the purchase info. 


But the zap is stopped using sample data. 


Then I tried formatting the date and then set the ‘date after’. en ‘date before’ but stil not working. 

So I’m trying to figure out how to add the tag when the purchase occurs in a specific month. 

Hope you can help!

Kind regards, 


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5 replies

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Hey @Lieke from ELFIN ,


Can you post the screenshot of the Zap that you have built?

Yes, of course. 

The first part (until date/time formatting) is a filter on the SKU and adds a tag about the product. Then I format the purchase date. 

After formatting I added paths. So Path 2022 January sets a tag for January, Path 2022 for February and so on. 




Thanks in advance!

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Hey @Lieke from ELFIN ,

The Path Condition will not match because the value is incorrect.


You can check the sample value below format which is YYYY-MM-DD HH:MM:SS



I want to add more as a suggestion to you - I don’t think you need paths and you should not use also, because you will have to update paths every month for which your Zap will be turned OFF. You can simply use Code By Zapier that will find month name and year from date of purchase value. 


Hope this helps!




Thanks a lot I got the filter on the date working, so it really helped. 


Tried code by Zapier, but lack the skills to code this, so first I’m going to launch the product and see if it sells like I want to and then upgrade the zapp. 


Thanks a lot!

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Hi @Lieke from ELFIN 

Using Paths for Tags likely won’t scale well.

Instead, try using a Formatter > Utilities > Lookup Table:

This will make your Zap simpler and more dynamic.