Sending Multiple choice in Typeform to Airtable creates an empty field in Airtable



I am trying to send a Typeform to Airtable, to create a new record based on the Typeform answers.

One of the questions is Multiple choice.


In typeform I have created multiple choices, with more answers possible.

In Zapier I have created the action to send this to Airtable.

In Zapier (in the correct field) I have selected all the multiple choice options, separated with comma’s.

My airtable column dedicated to that answer has those exact same multiple choice options.

When I send it, it automatically ticks the boxes of the chosen options in the Typeform, this is perfect!




Apart from this, it also creates one extra multiple choice answer, being a blank entry.

So all my answers will have the selected answers, plus a blanc answer.

Ive gone through typeform and zapier, and airtable to see if there are any ‘spaces’, but I cannot find why it keep adding an extra blanc field.


Any ideas?


Thank You!

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Screenshots of the above problem:


This is what the empty field that is created looks like.

You can see on the image that this empty field is not present in the typeform response,

yet zapier seems to create the empty field, and send this empty field to airtable.


Any idea on how to avoid this empty field do be created?


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Hi there @tuli_fly - ugh we don’t want an empty field! Let’s try to help figure out what is going wrong.


Before I escalate this as a potential 🐞, can you confirm a few things for me? Mind posting a screenshot of your Action in Zapier (with any personal info blurred!), that way we can confirm the setup is correct. I know you checked for spaces as well, I would triple check that because it’s a common issue we run into that would cause those extra fields to be created. 

Looking forward to hearing from you and continuing to figure this one out!




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Hi @tuli_fly 

Can you post screenshots with how your Zap steps are configured?

Can you post screenshots with the DATA OUT from your Zap Run Step 1 (Typeform)?

Can you post screenshots with how your related Airtable Fields fields are configured? (settings)