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Sending a Slack Message to Twitter

  • 7 October 2020
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Hello Community!

I must be overlooking something completely obvious here - but I have Zapier connected to Slack, and I’ve tested a tweet from Zap to my twitter account successfully, but when I turn the Zap ON, then try to push my Slack post to Twitter (that’s what it supposed to do, right?)  I get an error.  

Slack checks out being connected to Zapier.  The app is approved in my slack workspace and channel (I am the owner). 

What am I missing ?

Thank you in advance for the help.

Edit/Add… On the numerous times I’ve tried to push the Slack msg to twitter, I get the follow error sent to my email:  [ Twitter: Required field "message" (message) is missing ]

I thought the “Slack text” was the message ? ?

Thanks again for any help with this.


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Please provide screenshots of how your Zap steps are configured, thanks.

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Thanks, Troy for looking at this.  I’m not sure I’m sending you the right screenshots.

Zapier checks out o.k. (within Zapier) with it’s connection to my Slack channels.

And I’ve tested a message from within Zapier to Twitter - so, it looks o.k.

I’m just lost as to why I cannot ‘push’ a Slack message through Zapier to twitter.


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Hey @SCrutch sorry to have left you hanging here! I am hoping you were able to get this resolved by now but I wanted to follow up here to provide extra support for others who may be running into something similar. So long as you had the message body from Slack mapped into the message body for Twitter, you are correct in your thinking that the “Slack text” was the message. Sometimes, the sample data can pick up a message formatted differently and/or old data gets stuck in the Zap. Should this happen moving forward, the steps I would take are:

  1. Create a new “push” in Slack
  2. Retest Step 1 of your Zap
  3. Remap the Slack data in the “message/body” field of the Twitter step
  4. Retest the Twitter step
  5. Contact support if you continue to get this error: