Send SMS zap stopped working last week

  • 28 March 2023
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Hi Zapier Community,

I have 4 zaps that send any posts to a particular Slack channel as SMS text messages to our 4 individual cell phones. These zaps have been working just fine for almost 2 weeks.

Last Thurs (3/23/23) they all suddenly stopped working. The zap history for all of them shows Success at every step, including the last one which uses Send SMS in SMS by Zapier to send the text. We specify a sender number so we can put it on Emergency Bypass so we’ll be alerted no matter when these Slack posts arrive.

We didn’t get the Thurs, Fri, Sat, Sun or Monday posts to the channel. But we did get today’s post.

I emailed Zapier support last Friday (3/24/23) with details but have not had a response yet.

Below is a screenshot. These posts are mission-critical IT support information so we need to be able to rely on these zaps working. Any thoughts on what is going wrong? Thanks for your help!


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4 replies

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Hi @aromweis 

Good question.

You may want to move to a more robust SMS solution using Twilio.


API call throttled by Zapier.

Zapier's in-house SMS/Call is provided free of charge, so we rate-limit Actions to 15 SMS per hour to avoid abuse.

If you need more than this, please check out our Twilio service.


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Hi @aromweis 

I found out that our colleague from Support Team, Daniel, has replied to your inquiry. Here’s what he said:

Just to let you know, Twilio is the message carrier (the backend app) used for SMS by Zapier. So I dug into the Twilio logs for those messages and found that they were 'Undelivered' with the following error.
Your message content was flagged as going against carrier guidelines. -
I reviewed the content of the messages and there doesn't seem to be anything that could violate the guidelines.
I have escalated this to our developers for a closer look at the problem.
We'll reach out to you again with updates as soon as we have them.


I suggest continuing to talk with the Support Team as they can dig deeper into our internal logs to see what’s happening to your Zap.

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Thanks for the quick responses! 

@Troy Tessalone during out testing out phase, there are only at most 8 texts/hr during this testing phase but that might be something to consider if/when we go live.

@Brem yes I just received this response. I will follow up with Support. Our texts are short and have nothing remotely sketchy in them. Very odd that they would be flagged.

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Hi @aromweis 

Yes, please follow it up with them so they can see what’s going on.

Appreciate it!