"Send Email" with Gmail adding an extra Invitations Link, breaking the URL Button

  • 22 January 2024
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Hi Folks,

I made a video describing this problem - it’s easier to explain that way:

Short story: Zap creates an invoice in Invoice Ninja - everything looks good - then it’s supposed to plug the Invitations Link into a button in an email, but it combines it with another link, thereby breaking the button.

Please help!


3 replies

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Hi @ZapKellar 

The provided link is not accessible.

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Sorry about that. Here goes:

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You are dealing with an array, which is why you are getting multiple links concatenated together.

As you can see this is the second Item in the array.


Zapier pre-parses arrays into data points and returns array items as comma separated, which is what you see here.


 Add this Zap action step: Formatter > Utilities > Line Items to Text.

Set the Delimiter as: ^

That will return an individual data point: item_last

Map that to your email step for the link.